Who We Are

IntelliFour is a pioneering software product and services company based in Bangalore. We provide solutions to industry specific challenges with our specialized experience and technical proficiency in applications design, development, testing and quality assurance.

We are a young, dynamic firm with the right mix of talent and expertise; equipped to deliver creative, state-of-the-art business solutions and services.

We are a high energy, result oriented company that deliver scalable, reliable, and reusable solutions. Our services span across a section of industries including banking & finance, healthcare, insurance, and manufacturing.

Our core service offerings include:

  • Enterprise solutions
  • Mobile application development
  • Talent management services
  • With every business engagement, we transform our client’s vision into reality by committing ourselves to supporting them with innovative solutions to achieve their imperative business objectives.

    What we do

    Solve Complex Problems

    We resolve our client's complex problems by reviewing related information to evaluate, develop and implement solutions through unique and rigorous analysis with the help of applied computer science.

    Pursue High Quality

    Our specialists perform extensive manual and automation testing to ensure that the delivered product meets both functional and non-functional requirements, thereby assuring the highest quality


    Technology plays a critical role in business strategy, hence we engineer web and native applications to meet the scalable requirements of an enterprise software architecture by using the latest trends.

    Build Pluggable Framework

    Our engineers build pluggable frameworks to applications that allow customizing without the need for special tools.

    Build, Integrate & Automate

    Rapid changes in client requirement needs quick delivery. So we continuously integrate, build and test automation for a quicker and smoother delivery.

    Augment & Outsource Talent

    We deploy exceptionally competent professionals who genuinely share our values and live up to the client expectations.

    How we do it

    Due to the ever changing nature of global business, organizations face challenges in keeping their enterprise applications up to date and extend the value of their investment. This challenge is further more compounded due to rapid revolution in technologies and user preference. The necessity of keeping pace with the market and fulfilling additional requirements demands need for continuous and rapid delivery. At IntelliFour we accomplish this by using continuous build integration, test automation and auto-release process.

    Our all-in-one product integrates build, test and release tools and automate them. We use some of the Agile practices like XP, Pair Programming and Kanban. Our highly skilled team uses in-house automation testing practices for every project ensuring a quality release each time.

    Our Clients