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We have solid experience in developing complex, reliable, high quality applications in a fast and cost effective manner for startups, companies that wanted to speed up product launch or companies that needed to develop high traffic applications. We use our technical expertise to develop product across the whole spectrum of tools, technologies, environments and methodologies, partnering with you to give you a competitive edge.

IT Trust House is the iSeries Product Development partner

iLearn bridges the gap between delivering content and facilitating learning. iLearn is primarily a computer and network established transfer of skills and knowledge that provides benefits in the form of flexibility - such as self-study activities, self and tutor-led discussions, and monitoring and assessing students’ achievements. Flexibility not only brings more independence for the student; but also enforces the need for self-direction and self-motivation.

iLearn is a web-based application that allows educational institutions and companies to provide informational content and educational resources. Learning objectives are made available through various learning tools such as on-screen display, audio or video , presentation, editable documents. The learning process can be customized as self-paced or instructor-led, according to the necessities of the organization . It is an effective and responsive way for industry experts and instructos to create, deliver, and manage their content, as well as monitor participation and assess performance among learners.

This method increases engaged learning, because the students and employees have greater control and freedom over their lessons. This usually involves the opportunity to set their own pace (i.e., view, organize, and schedule their activities) while still complying with the deadlines.

IntelliFour understands the challenges faced by an educational institution on a day to day basis. Keeping a record of attendance, marks, assignments etc., can become a tedious process to address these issues IntelliFour presents iSIMS, an online platform that simplifies the entire workflow.

iSIMS is an advanced web based educational institution management system offering high flexibility and a variety of features to collaboratively empower the administration. Its main feature is to provide seamless networked campus and a paperless administration is the best solution for the centralized management of academic and administrative data while providing a communication link between faculty, parents and students. It also contains an exam management system that provides accessibility of result, statistics and customized report generation.

iSIMS is a product which provides a systematic approach to control, describe, store, retrieve and share information. It provides a framework with which all members of an institution can access, view and manage their account.

Corporates are always on a look out to hire new employees according to a specific set of skills; this process can take sup a lot of their time, effort, energy and resources. This is where IntelliConnect comes in and provides an up-to-date, refined and structured analysis based on skills, learning styles and preferences of students from various colleges. Corporates can now interview or hire students quicker and with a better understanding of what they are looking for with employment ready students

Unique Features

  • 24x7 Online Access Topic Level Quizzes for self assessments through Mobile and Internet (more than 30,000 questions available).
  • Company Specific Mock Tests
  • Monthly Mock Tests through Internet and Mobile.
  • Admin Panel to monitor student's usage and performance.
  • College can monitor student's learning at department level over a period of time.
  • IntelliConnect offers students a unique platform to launch a successful career through transformational programs that develop role-ready skills. Our Signature Learning Experience is designed to increase their employability status and transform them into capable and confident professionals with relevant skills and certifications.

iTeach – Technology in Education Adaptation Course for Higher Learning


As the emphasis on digital classroom grows, school managements and administrators are eager to find and implement tools that will help transform the learning experience. While the potential value of educational technology tools is high, the way in which tools are implemented can drastically impact the actual value provided in the classroom.

The benefits of educational technology are clear. Technology can provide students with individualized learning platforms, instant feedback and assessment. It also allows teachers to identify and address particular student needs more easily.

However, in order for technology to achieve its maximum potential, it must be harnessed and implemented properly. This requires that the facilitator, the teacher, possess a certain set of knowledge and skills to understand how and when various tools best support their curricula. Unfortunately, many teachers aren’t provided with the proper training before being handed new tools.

The big picture is that teachers aren’t trained well enough to integrate technology effectively into their classroom. If we want future ready educational technology programs to be successful, we need to keep these facts in mind. The technology is only half of the story, and we need to make sure training and professional development are considered important, too.

iTeach Teacher training is perhaps the best intervention to provide the teachers the same paradigm of learning technology to learn with; that they will use to teach, and teach effectively.